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Improving our cognitive toolkit – The Edge Question 2011

Edge Question of the Year Since 1999 the Edge Foundation, a think tank for science, society and technology, has been posing an annual question to its members who always return stunning answers. I already wanted to write about the Edge … Continue reading

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Beautiful science images – Wellcome Image Awards 2011

Yesterday, Wellcome Images have announced their winners of the Wellcome Image Awards 2011. The award is meant to highlight 21 of the most beautiful images acquired by the Wellcome Images picture library over the last 16 months. View the gallery … Continue reading

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What has science done for you?

came across this on xkcd during some late night procrastination yesterday: one of the many reasons why science is so cool. It saves lifes.

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The most beautiful experiment in biology – The Meselson-Stahl experiment

Here is the example of scientific beauty I promised last week. Most people will agree right away that the Mona Lisa is a great painting. You don’t need to study it in depth to realize that, though it might be … Continue reading

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On Science, Art and Beauty – An artist’s soul in a scientist and vice versa

I very well remember a situation during the first two years of my PhD-thesis when a then good friend was confiding to me that she thought she would never be a good scientist, that she would much rather do something … Continue reading

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