About this site

Scientists are white-haired guys with thick glasses, out of this world. False!

Science is too complicated for me to understand. False!

Science is boring. False!

Science and scientists often don’t do a terribly good job at explaining what it is they are doing and thus many people seem to be left with the impression of scientist as, while not necessarily Dr. Frankenstein –like, still mightily weird and shrewd people and science as incomprehensible and complicated. And sometimes that might actually be right… By explaining recent news stories beyond what is possible in newspapers due to their space constraints, and by giving an insight view on what scientists do on a day-to-day basis I hope I can show not only that not all scientists are like that, but also the simple beauty of science well-explained. Beauty… we all deserve some in our lives after all…




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Let me know what you want to hear about…  loveforscience@mail.com


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