Beautiful science images – Wellcome Image Awards 2011

Yesterday, Wellcome Images have announced their winners of the Wellcome Image Awards 2011. The award is meant to highlight 21 of the most beautiful images acquired by the Wellcome Images picture library over the last 16 months.

View the gallery here.

The pictures vary from computer simulated brain cells over the scanning electron micrograph of a honeybee or a team of surgeons performing a keyhole surgery to blood clots on a plaster and a 3D reconstruction of a mouse blastocyst embryo and finally a truly beautiful photomicrograph of a ruby tailed wasp showing its irridescent colours.

A really great aspect of the way these images are presented online is that you can click through the gallery and have not only a short description of the image right next to it but also 2 links per picture briefly and understandably answering 2 questions associated with the image. A great example of what the beauty in science can look like today and a stunning display of science education well done!

Do go there and educate yourself!

The selected pictures are on display at the Wellcome Collection in London GB from February 24th to July 10th, a fantastic venue dedicated to medicine, science, life and art. Wish I could go there.

Cheers, loveforscience

all images in this post were taken from the Wellcome Image Awards 2011 image gallery at

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